Have Fun & Be Creative

YOU WILL NEED: Fresh flowers, scissors, warm water, ice trays. 

We LOVE #DIY styling ideas that are quick, easy and guaranteed to make waves on the event styling radar!!

We recently stumbled on the idea of flower ice cubes. A perfect touch for the pink champagne and fairy floss welcome drinks or scattered around chilled bottles of Rose. Watch our video and have fun styling your next garden-themed event.

Creativity Is A Wild Mind

& A Disciplined Eye



  • Get flowers. RESIDENCES TIP - bright colours are best

  • Cut stems and place in bowl

  • Arrange petals in ice trays

  • Add warm water. RESIDENCES TIP - using warm water keep the flowers vibrant

  • Freeze & style away

NOTE: Strictly use pesticide-free flowers only when ice cubes are being used in your guest drinks. E.g. only use flowers that are home-grown and you can be 100% sure no chemical sprays were used to grow the flowers. 

If you plan to use the ice cubes for styling purposes only any flower will do.