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Planning Pet Accommodation Is Never Easy 

The usual dog-sitters are out of town. You have considered dog kennels, but just the idea of kennel cough haunts your better judgement. Pet resorts are hello – brilliant! – but an indulgence to save til next time. Can you find the holy grail of pet-accommodation, a place that welcomes the entire family, including the hairiest family member. . . 

More Than Just Goldie!

Guests often ask if The Residences are really pet-friendly accommodation in Sydney's Centennial Park. One guest replied “… so you mean, I can bring more than just the goldfish?” The Residences are Zootopia come Dr Do Little. Dogs, cats, birds, pigs, goannas, horses, ducklings; all shapes and sizes are welcome here.

The Residences are proudly 100% pet-friendly for accommodation and events.

The Four-legged Guest List

A bride to be was overjoyed to find out her fur-kids could be a part of her garden wedding at The Residences. Seriously. How can anyone say no to a puppy ring bearer in a mini tuxedo? It got us thinking. Do we all mean the same thing when we say pet-friendly? Some pet friendly venues have restricted pet areas or may specify strict no-go zones due to health and safety requirements. Permission for the four-legged hover to scurry under the grazing tables will vary from venue to venue.

A snapshot taken from The Residences Puppy Shower Event
Welcoming all four legged guests at The Residences
We are a pet-friendly venue for garden weddings

What Pet-friendly Really Means

Pet-friendly is a common phrase. But, can mean different things at different venues and hotels. To spare yourself the disappointment, ask a few simple questions to make sure you book the right pet-friendly accommodation and venue for you and your fur-baby.

Booking A Pet-friendly Hotel

1.    Is my pet welcome in the room or house?  

2.    Do pet-cleaning fees apply? If yes, how much?

3.    Is there an outdoor courtyard or secure garden for my pet?

4.    If I head out for a while can my pet be left alone?

Booking A Pet-friendly Venue

1.    Can my pet access the entire venue space? Confirm this before paying a deposit, restricted areas may apply to the four-legged family member.

2.    Planning a wedding? Ask if pets can attend the ceremony and reception. Each venue will their own pet-friendly policies.

3.    Remember, your pet will be tired during the event. Ask someone to look after the fur-kid on the day with meals, water, toilet breaks and a quiet place to rest as the party goes on.


All You Need Is Love And A Dog!

Make Centennial Park Your Backyard For The Weekend

Centennial Park (1888) is the largest urban parkland in the Southern hemisphere and it's dog-friendly. Spoil the pooch with 189 hectares of expansive parkland from your front door when you stay at The Residences. Visit dog-friendly cafes, book nearby doggy day care or sip lattes as the fur-kid explores 154 hectares of designated off-leash areas. (This is roughly the size of 200 international soccer fields!) The pooch will love you for it.

The Residences are beautifully restored welcoming guests and pets in the homes. Receive a complimentary jar of Centennial Park honey and local doggie treats upon arrival. Waking up in Centennial Park is a unique experience for the whole family.